June 19, 2021


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In light of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our community, state and nation, TNADF has decided to postpone its 7th annual gala (previously scheduled for September 19, 2020) to June 19, 2021, and place all of its efforts on supporting the community as we fight the virus. 


The New American Dream Foundation's 7th Annual American Dream Awards Gala will be an opportunity to come together to celebrate, inspire, and support the immigrant community, learn about their life stories and determination to pursue their American Dream. 


Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit Mission Health Day – a day of free health screenings and other community services for the uninsured and the income challenged, hosted by Western Connecticut Health Network and Western Connecticut State University. Tickets will be $125.00 per person including cocktail hour, a three-course dinner, entertainment and a cash bar.

There have been some changes made to the award categories. After careful consideration, and review of all nominations submitted in the past, we have decided to turn our Person of the Year award into two (2) additional student scholarships, to generate more educational and professional opportunities for our youth. In 2021, five winners will be announced prior to the event.


There are now four categories to the awards:  American Dream Veteran's Award, Lifetime Achievement Awards and Leadership Awards - selected by the TNADF board of directors - and American Dream Students of the Year, as the only category open to the public for nomination.


Tribuna Newspaper is a multilingual publication in English, Portuguese and Spanish, with the mission to build bridges and join cultures, by providing its readers with content that connects them with the communities where they live.


In the process of fulfilling that mission, Tribuna has come across compelling stories of immigrants, like its founder and publisher, Celia Bacelar Palmares, who migrated to the U.S from Brazil over twenty years ago and faced many challenges along her journey to achieve her American Dream.


On April 19, 2014, in celebration of its 15th Anniversary, Tribuna created the American Dream Awards Gala, an annual awards ceremony designed to recognize members

of the community who share in Tribuna’s founder’s story.


In 2016, the event's growth over the years sparked the creation of The New American Dream Foundation, Inc. a 501(c)(3).


To date, over $150,000 have been given in scholarships, awards and donations to the community through the event.


"The gala became an opportunity for all of us to
come together and go beyond highlighting the
cultural contributions of the immigrant community, and sincerely celebrate their determination in the pursuit of their American Dream above all else. The foundation is vehicle to create meaningful change for generations
of immigrants to come."
- Celia Bacelar Palmares


In 2019, Tribuna’s American Dream Awards received dozens nominations of immigrants from various different countries. Out of 10 finalists, 5 winners were selected, and $10,000 was given in awards & scholarships. 


But, once again, the success of this event will depend on the generosity of our community partners. Different sponsorship levels explained in detail bellow will help cover all the additional costs of the event such as awards, scholarships, and entertainment.


 For more information on these sponsorship opportunities call (203) 770-3708 

or via email 

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