Nomination Process

American Dream Awards Scholarship is open for nomination!

PLEASE NOTE: In light of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on our community, state and nation, TNADF has decided to postpone its 7th annual gala (previously scheduled for September 19, 2020) to June 19, 2021, and place all of its efforts on supporting the community as we fight the virus. 

It is important to note that all nominations for scholarships for the 2020 Gala will be placed into consideration for the 2021 awards.


In 2019, there has been some changes made to the award categories. After careful consideration, and review of all nominations submitted in the past, we have decided to turn our Person of the Year award into two (2) additional student scholarships, to generate more educational and professional opportunities for our youth.


There are now four categories to the awards:  American Dream Veteran's Award, Lifetime Achievement Awards and Leadership Awards - selected by the TNADF board of directors - and American Dream Students of the Year, as the only category open to the public for nomination. For 2021 winners will be announced prior to the event.

 American Dream Scholarship Award – Five (5) $2,000 scholarships given. Nominees must be 16 years or older,  who is an immigrant or a child of immigrants, living in the Fairfield County area, who faced many challenges along their journey to achieve their American Dream. Winners receive a $2,000 in the name of the educational institution of their choice, such as public or private universities, community colleges, and for applicants over 18 years or older, technical, trade and vocational schools are also accepted.


To apply read the information below:

American Dream Scholarship Award

Five winners will be selected. Nominees must be 16 years or older who is an immigrant or a child of immigrants living in the Fairfield County area, who have faced many challenges along their journey to achieve their American Dream. Self nominations and third party nominations accepted (ex: teachers, co-workers, school counselors or advisors, clergy, social workers, friends, and family members).


Only one application per participant will be reviewed by section panel.


The selection panel is comprised of five representatives of the Gala's major sponsors, and one member of the TNADF board.


To learn more, watch the videos on past recipients of this category

Nomination Rules

 Five winners, will receive 2 tickets to attend the gala, $2,000, the American Dream Awards statue, and will have their names permanently displayed on a plaque in Danbury City Hall honoring Tribuna’s American Dream Awards.


Nomination forms can only be filled out bellow and sent electronically. Previous nominees and award recipients, or family members of any person involved in the organization of the event do not qualify. Nomination process ends March 31, 2021. 

Winners will be announced May 14, 2020.